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Dr.Ganja was founded in 2009.

In 2009 much like today we would work a lot and go out a lot and make friends along the way, one of which owned a dispensary in West Hollywood called AHHS. When we first went inside AHHS and experienced it, we thought this is the coolest thing ever! We knew right away that we wanted to be part of this industry in some form.

Back in those days in California you needed to be evaluated by a licensed MD to obtain a medical card in order to legally purchase from a dispensary. This aspect was interesting to us, and we saw an avenue for growth. We believed we could educate and help people get evaluated by a licensed professional to have legal access to dispensaries but most importantly, we believed we could make the process quick, professional, and stress free.

The Dr.Ganja Name
We needed a name, a phone number, and a web address for our new venture that reflected us: fun, cool, and easy to remember. Finding a toll-free number that also has an available website domain isn’t as easy as it might sound. Our process went something like this: We went on a toll-free number website and put in keywords of canna-related names which yielded thousands of results. We printed them out and of the catchy names we found, tried to match it to see if the .com address was available. Nothing looked promising. Spending many hours on this we finally came across a phone number that stuck out to us: 877-Dr Ganja. We thought, This is something catchy and really explains what we’re doing, is fun to say and write out as well. We also thought that there was no way the website address would be availableand once we saw that it was, we initially believed it was a mistake! It turns out it wasn’t a mistake and we immediately purchased as well as 877-Dr Ganja!

With the name set in stone, now all we needed was a great doctor to partner with! We walked across the street from the dispensary and met a man named Vlad Nusinovich who turned out to not only be an amazing doctor, but a wonderful person who had just opened his own practice. He was still building up his clientele and we said to him, “How about I send you patients to be evaluated to determine if they can get their dispensary card, and we split the rate, you getting 60% and us getting 40%?” He agreed and we formed the partnership.

We made the Dr.Ganja website, cards, hats, shirts, and a HIPAA-compliant database. We started getting patients right away as a matter of fact thousands of patients and many of them would come back for renewals every year.

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